Thursday, February 16, 2012


I know, I know! I am such a repeat offender when it comes to not posting on my blog! It's the craziness of kids and school and of Etsy shops and Bridal shows and extracurricular activites all rolled into one! I must admit, and I do so freely, that my time management sometimes mostly suck! See, I get an order, and usually if I have all the information I need or if I've had contact with my client prior to listing their item, I make it right then and there and get it out to the Post Office. I don't know what it is, whether it's just something OCD or what, but it's paid for and it can be finished so it must be done NOW! Now if you paid with an e-check, well, I have to wait unti it clears before I send your goodies, but 9 times out of 10, items are out my door same day if ordered early enough. So it must be that I'm trolling Etsy too much and pinning like my life depends on it... And FaceBook... don't get me started. So that's where my time management problem comes in!

I'm blogging today. For several reasons. 1. Sage Letterpress has been running some contests over on our FaceBook page. I've had a friend of mine helping with that. 2. I really do need to blog more so you all know what goes on in the studio (AKA a room in my house). 3. I had items featured from my second Etsy shop (IzzynJBoutique) on a great blog:

You MUST go see their blog! I love photography. I can't photograph anything to save my life, so I  definitely appreciate those that have that natural talent and ability to do so. Monica, one half of two from 2 Girl Phototique (and and )came to me for some cupcake toppers for her daughter, Ashley's 6th birthday. She told me the colors and the image she wanted and I obliged! They were  gymnastics in theme and her sister Keiko's mad photography skills made them look so awesome! The entire party was photographed and other shops were represented well! Go take a look and see what all my yelling is about!

You ladies ROCK OUT LOUD!  Sorry, had to shout that off the rooftops! These ladies are Located in NYC, yup, all you lucky dogs that live up there in the Big Apple get to enjoy the talents of 2 Girl Phototique and Ashley Petite... please share it with the rest of us! =)